After five nights of 4 hours' sleep I went to bed last night at 8:45p next to the big pile of laundry I didn't feel like putting away. I woke up briefly at 2:00a, then went back to sleep and had this dream:

I wake up around midnight on my bed next to a pile of laundry. Beth is sitting on the floor beside the bed, pressing peanuts into a ball of cheese.

"Oh good, you're awake," she says. "Are you coming with me?"
"Coming with you to what?" I ask sleepily.
"To the National Association of Recording Artists event they're having at the church behind your house."
"The church Holly and Joe are getting married at? Okay, I just have to use the bathroom."

Beth has been staying in my apt for the last few days. I know she and I have been sleeping in the same bed so I can't figure out why I left the laundry on the bed and then went to sleep. I give up trying to remember because I feel drugged, like I always do after waking up. I wash my hands and face, and return to Beth.

"Help me finish this cheese ball," she asks. I do, and am about to apologize for the bed and for my having gone to sleep, when something occurs to me:
"Beth, have you and I had sex since you've been here?"

She gets a dark look on her face.

"Well, we're not having sex like we did last night!"
"We had sex last night?"
"We had naked sex last night."
"Oh my God, Beth, I'm really sorry."
"The worst thing is I had no excuse for Erwin today when he saw that I had four nipples."

I feel bad for my bad actions, worse for not remembering something that seems like it's important to remember, and even worse for not remembering sex that doubled the number of Beth's nipples.

"Uh, have the extra nipples gone yet?"
"Yup. Don't worry. It's okay. Let's go."

This dream comes to you thanks to a huge, 3:45a effort to wake up and write it down.